We keep Jersey cattle, known for their creamy, sweet milk.


Curious Jersey CowThe cattle are an important part of our farm because they ‘mow’ our pastures, fertilizing as they go. We milk seasonally, from early spring (usually March) to early winter (usually mid-December). This allows us to take advantage of the best grass-growing season, gives us a break from the task of milking, makes for cleaner milk (less mud), and gives our cows a well-deserved rest while they gestate their calves. We also practice mobile milking, which means we milk in a different location every few days. This helps cut down on shoveling manure and makes for a clean work environment each time.

We do not feed any grain, instead providing our pasture-based ladies with a bit of organic molasses as a treat. The cattle are also given free-choice loose minerals.

Fresh milk from Jersey cows